Defend McMillan & Reopen Our Park

Reopen McMillan Park for Recreational Use - Let Us In!!!

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Over recent years, a consortium of developers (Vision McMillan Partners, or VMP) has sought to develop the 25-acre McMillan Park, owned by the District of Columbia and listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.

See McMillan's history here.


The Friends of McMillan Park (FOMP) and allied organizations (The McMillan Coalition) had sued to overturn decisions by the District’s Zoning Commission and the Mayor’s Agent on Historical Preservation which would have permitted massive commercial development on the site and the near-total destruction of its historical character.


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On December 8, 2016, the District's highest Court, the DC Court of Appeals ruled against the District and the developer, and gave opponents of this development a crushing victory by remanding and vacating (legalese for “trashing”) the decisions we opposed.

The efforts of the FOMP and the McMillan Coalition will now be to preserve the site, to create a scope of work for its future that does not involve maximum po$$ible return for private developers, and to conduct an international design competition for its use. This work will be long and hard, but the court decision gives us great encouragement.

If you agree that the steps we outline in our petition below will help return this 25-acre park to the people of the city and the world (after the less stable portions of the site have been secured or repaired), please sign this petition and forward this it to your friends who favor open green space instead of massive commercial development at McMillan Park.



We now ask and demand that the District of Columbia do three things:
(1) Immediately reopen McMillan Park so that District of Columbia residents and others may enter the park for purposes of recreation, exploration and community activities.

(2) Begin to define with full citizen participation a new scope of work for planning the future of the Park

(3) Commit to an international design competition for the future use of the Park.

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